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An image of a beach event from the previous edition of the European Championship, held in Riccione (Italy) in 2019./Javier Sánchez-RFESS

Sixteen youth and open lifeguards summoned to the beach training camp for the Castellón European Championship

It will take place at the Barrika Surf Camp facility, in Barrika (Vizcaya) between August 9 and 12

Sixteen lifeguards of the youth and open categories have been summoned to the training camp for beach events that will take place between August 9 and 12 at the Barrika Surf Camp facility, in Barrika (Bizkaia/Vizcaya) in order to prepare for the national teams for the Youth and Open Lifesaving European Championship per Nations, which will be held in Castellón de la Plana between 12 and 18 September.

Before, starting this week, between July 29 and August 6 at the High Performance Center of Sierra Nevada, in Monachil (Granada), the national coach, José Miguel Rodríguez Ferrero, will direct the training camp for pool events with nineteen lifeguards.

Same number of male and female shortlisted

To Barrika has called the open female lifeguards Laura González López (CDB Vallecas SOS), Lara López Fernández (Club Salvamento Sada-SASA), Helena Torreiro Guillín (Club Salvamento Sada-SASA) and Judit Vergés Xifra (Club Alcarreño de Salvamento y Socorrismo) and the open men Carlos Alonso Ruiz (Alcarreño de Salvamento y Socorrismo), David Buil Sanz (Alcarreño de Salvamento y Socorrismo), Marco Plazuelo Jiménez (Club Laguna SOS) and Diego San Román Ortiz (Club ACN Marisma).

The shortlisted youth are Sara Iglesias Gómez (CD Salvamento Dragones), Lola Caballero Fuset (Club Natación SOS Bétera), Daniela Ruiz Ruiz (Club de Salvamento Noja Netcan) and Marta Sirvent Ruiz (Club Leucante), in the female category, and Fernando Alburquerque Martínez (Club Natación Guadalajara), Miguel Fontana Centelles (Club Deportivo Natación Aldaia), Mario Ginerés Garre (Club Natación San Vicente) and Xoel Lorenzo Colinas (Club Salvamento Sada-SASA), in the men’s category.

As technicians they have been called David Orgeira Seoane, Rubén Martínez Castrillo and Iván Cazorla Rey.

Participation in the Ocean Perf ruled out

The Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation has ruled out, on the recommendation of its technical director, that those training camp in Barrika attend the Ocean Perf, a competition that takes place during a day in France, due to the risk that a positive in Covid-19 supposes or the mere suspicion of it in some or some participating lifeguard may cause the isolation of the entire preselection in French territory less than a month before the European Championship.

“The Barrika training camp list has been adopted after the Spanish Youth  Summer Championships and Open and now we will have a few days to develop specific sessions in the planning of each athlete to be able to assess the training of the beach relays ”, Rodríguez Ferrero pointed out.

The national coach and sports director of the Federation has announced that, after completing this concentration, which will take place once the results of the one that takes place from Thursday in the CAR of Sierra Nevada, the composition of the youth and open national teams will be know for the European of Castellón. 2021/7/26