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Image of an international arbitration performance./Mari Carmen Iberti Rubio-RFESS

International courses of pool and ocean events coinciding with the European Championship in Castellón

A new activity around the most important continental lifesaving event

The Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation organizes next September in Castellón de la Plana two international referee courses, one for pool events and the other for ocean events.

These activities, which are developed in collaboration with the International Lifesaving Federation of Europe (ILSE), will take place coinciding with the Lifesaving European Championships per Nations Youth and Open, which are held between 12 and September 18 at the Municipal Olympic Pool and Gurugú Beach.

The courses, in the same scenarios as the competition

The call for the pool events course will take place from September 11 to 14 and the open water events course from September 15 to 18, in both cases in the same scenarios as the continental competition.

The cost for each course is 300 euros and both are required as a requirement to possess the diploma of referee or national referee with a valid federative license.

Enrollment can be formalized using the available form in:

The Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation will establish a line of accommodation and maintenance scholarships to which national people who enroll by submitting the curriculum vitae of their arbitration career may choose. 2000/7/15