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One of the training sessions in Riccione, during the 2019 European Championship./Javier Sánchez-RFESS

Nineteen lifeguards will attend the pool training camp prior to the Castellón European Championship

The Sierra Nevada High Performance Center welcomes the youth and open preselections

Nineteen lifeguards make up the list of the final call for the pool training camp that will take place between July 29 and August 6 at the Sierra Nevada High Performance Center, in Monachil (Granada), with the Spanish national preselections for the Lifesaving European Championship per National Team Youth and Open, which will be held in Castellón de la Plana between 12 and 18 September.

In the open female category, the list is made up of Esther García de la Virgen (Club Salvamento y Natación Silla), Antía García Silva (Club Acuático Umia), Elsa López Ruiz (Alcarreño de Salvamento y Socorrismo) and Núria Payola Anglada (Club Deportivo Natación Aldaia).

In the open male category, those called are Pau Beltrán Cabedo (Alcarreño de Salvamento y Socorrismo), Francisco Javier Catalá Llinares (Club Deportivo Natación Aldaia), Javier Huerga Sánchez (Club Salvamento y Socorrismo Benavente), Javier Pérez Sánchez (Alcarreño de Salvamento y Socorrismo) and Raúl Marek Spuznar Rosa (Club Salvamento y Natación Silla).

As for the youth, the shortlisted lifeguards are Sheila Barreña Ponce (Club Salvamento y Natación Silla), Lola Caballero Fuset (Club Natación SOS Bétera), Lucía González Gómez (Club ACN Marisma), Claudia Noriega Martín (CDB Gredos Sandiego) and María Rodríguez Rodríguez de la Sierra (Club Natación Martiánez).

The male youth provisionally summoned are Óscar Bermejo Santamaría (Alcarreño de Salvamento y Socorrismo), Mario Castejón Sorli (Club Salvamento y Natación Silla), Carlos Coronado Tejeda (Club Deportivo Natación Aldaia), Iván Romero Fernández (Club Salvamento y Socorrismo Benavente) and Alberto Turrado Álvarez (C.D. SOS La Bañeza).

The call will also be attended by the technician Hugo Sáez Perales and Gemma Carnero Esquena, under the direction of the High Level director of the Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation and national coach, José Miguel Rodríguez Ferrero. 21/7/12